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Hyperlite Wakesurf Rider Marcus McClure

Hyperlite Wakesurf & Wakeboards

Hyperlite has the largest selection of Wakesurf and Wakeboards for any level of rider. From the Grom board for kids to advanced boards for any style of rider.




should a warranty claim be submitted without a Return Authorization number issued through a dealer. Consumers should not return product to HO Sports directly. All shipping costs associated with returning the product to HO Sports will be the responsibility of the party making the warranty claim. Any shipping charges to return the product will be handled by HO Sports and returned in the same manner of shipping as received, i.e. 2-day will be returned 2-day etc. HO Sports Co. LLC. does not take back returned product for credit. Any unopened product, or product returned with no apparent defect will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.


HO Sports reserves the right to refuse warranty based on determination of defects caused by any other factor than manufacturer error. Packaged products (ski/binding or board/boot) will be considered as their individual components for the purpose of warranty consideration. Any product determined to have been taken over jumps, rails, ramps, and other hard objects will be void of any warranty. Products determined to have a manufacturers defect will be repaired if possible. Should a product be un-repairable, replacement is at the discretion of HO Sports Warranty Department and would be a product of equal or greater performance.


Under no circumstances should the product be waxed, painted or altered in any form. Clean only with soap and water, rinse thoroughly. Bright colors will fade when subjected to prolonged sunlight exposure. Fading is not covered under warranty; store your ski/board in a bag when not in use. Damage due to misuse, abuse or modification is excluded from warranty, as is normal wear, such as handle dings.



Due to the advanced nature of these boards, Warranty is not available. For Varial repair options, visit the Varial Surf Repair Shop. For more information on Varial’s Factory Repair Program please call (805) 288-3577 or email For Super Branded repair information, please call (760) 420-1642 or email



HO Sports will inspect any and all products sent in for warranty for the period of up to one year from original date of purchase of that product. The warranty period extends to any repaired or replaced items for the duration of the one year from date of purchase of the original item. Products older than one model year must be accompanied with a customer receipt to verify purchase within one year. Product Defined: Any Water Ski, Wakeboard, Wake Skate, Wake Surf (excluding Varial and Super Branded) or Kneeboard constructed using the compression molding manufacturing process.

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